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S0il pH Tester

Gardening is a science, luckily, the information is abundant. You may not always be successful in growing some plants due to the soil pH, which is why you need the best soil pH testers.

pH in full is the ‘potential of hydrogen and it is a measure that is used to test how many hydrogen ions are in the soil against hydroxyl ions. Many plants require land that is a bit acidic, so in many cases, you want a pH of less than seven. This allows the plants to have access to the nutrients in the soil, which are usually in the form of ions. The wrong soil pH means that your plants can’t access nutrients so they will die.

There are various ways to test the pH but using an electronic soil tester is what I have found most accurate for home use. We will have a look at everything you need to know here with the best-rated pH soil tester review.


A soil pH tester tells you just how acidic or alkaline your soil is so you know what plants you can grow. There are three types of soil pH testers, namely electronic, paper strips, and chemical color dyes. Among these, I have known the automated tests to yield more accurate results, although the other options are high and can give you an idea of what you’re working with.

The best pH tester for soil will tell you the current state of your land so that if it is wrong, you can work on improving it using fertilizers and pH adjusters if needed. This ensures that the earth has the correct pH for your choice of crop. Knowing the pH allows you to have a better chance that your plants will thrive and that you will get a good yield.


Are you wondering how accurate are soil pH testers? Well, accuracy depends on the type and quality of the tester you buy. I prefer electronic testers since they give the most accurate results compared to all the other options. Chemical-colored dyes will have to be number two on accuracy. They’re also easy to use since you only need to compare the results from mixing the stain and soil to the chart provided.

The paper strip testers are a bit tricky to use, and you may have to test again using a different method for more accurate results. Please note that these are not litmus papers. You can get regular paper strips from your local gardening store, and they should give you a good idea of the acidity of the earth. However, I suggest getting lab-grade pH testers since they are more accurate.


First, you need to understand the basics of acidity and alkalinity, which runs from zero to fourteen. Seven is the neutral number, and anything above it is alkaline, while below seven is acidic. Many of the testers usually come with a chart to help you in accurately reading the results depending on the examiner that you use.

Many of the electronic testers have a probe that allows you to insert it directly into the soil to get a reading. There are cases when it may not work well, and you end up with inaccurate results. The best way that I use for correct results is by making soil and distilled water mixture. Put some soil into a container and add water then stir so that it incorporates well. With this, you can use the electronic or strips to test, and your results should be as accurate as possible. You can do it a few times if you’re not sure as suggested in soil pH testers reviews.

It is usually advisable to use the chart that the tester comes with since some devices have a different reading from the basic one. This ensures that you have a correct read and that you decode it correctly for a good idea of the state of the soil.


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