Dual Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbud

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Product description

Name: V5-TWS Bluetooth Headset, Product Model: V5. The product is equipped with a charging box with 500mAH. It adopts the imported Taiwan Core chip, V5.0+EDR high version and low power core Bluetooth chip, which is backward compatible with various protocol functions of 4.0 and 3.0. Compared with the old version, compatibility, stability, functionality and other aspects have been significantly improved.

Second, the parameter specifications

1. Bluetooth chip and Bluetooth version:  Low power core V5.0+EDR

2. Bluetooth protocol: HSP1.2, HFP1.6, A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.5

3. Power Input: 3.2V-4.2V

4. Output: 30mW

5. Load condition (Load): 32Ω /φ8

6. Rated power (Power): 74mW

7. Headphone battery: single side 65mAH, plus protection board polymer battery

8. Charging box battery: 500mAH, with protective plate polymer battery

9. Charging power: headphone 5V/1mA, charging box 5V/1mA

10. Transmission distance: 20 meters

11. Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz

12. Talk time: up to 8 hours

13. Listening to the song time: up to 7 hours

14. Standby time: about 360h

15. Single earphone weight: 6g; charging box weight: 45g

The charging box can charge the headset 3 times
It takes about 1 hour to fill the headphones.

Additional information


White 5.0, White 4.2, Black 5.0, Black 4.2


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