iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass

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You want it, we’ve got it. We introduce our newest iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass, available now — and it’s just $5.99.

Our store delivers unbeatable quality and fast worldwide shipping — so you can get your iPhone 7 / 8 Screen Protector right away.

Ready to buy but need some more convincing? Take a look at the features of the below.


Few products can boast the appealing $5.99 price and this impressive range of features. Therefore, buying the is a really tempting idea, don’t you think?


Why are your products better than the offers in other stores?
Having the highest quality and lowest price, the iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass 0.26mm, 2.5D 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector guard High scratch resistant treatment for the surface to prevent screen wear effectively.Effective in reducing fingerprints and oil.Touch without leaving any fingerprints.High transparency, does not affect the normal display thus, assuring the top quality of the will certainly let you safely enjoy your choice with no post-purchase regrets.

Can you give the guarantees that your products meet all the manufacturing standards and requirements?
Worry not, because all our products (and the iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass as well) must meet the required standards before we offer them to our customers.

Do I need to pay extra fees?
The final price of your iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass includes all the possible fees and taxes, so you’ll see it on the checkout page.

How much do I pay for it?
Thank you for the interest! The price is $5.99.

Сan I write a review on my purchase?
Our store uses client feedback to improve the quality of goods we sell and services we provide. That’s why we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you allow sharing photos of your product on social media?
We’ll be happy if you show our products to your friends, so don’t hesitate to do it!


What happens if my order is lost or comes damaged?
If something happens to your order, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll find a solution together and offer you a refund if there’s damage to the package.

Can I ask you to send the package to a place different from my residence address?
It’s not necessary to arrange the delivery to your residence address if you don’t want it. In other words, we will send your iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass to any location at your choice.

What payment method is it better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
The order delivery time won’t depend on the payment method you choose.

What if I need to change the or cancel my order?
There is nothing to worry about. You just need to contact our support managers and let them know about your issue, so that they could change or cancel your order.

On what legal basis do you sell these?
We have all the required licenses. In addition, this store is fully authorized to work with the licensed manufacturers who supply us with these and other products.

I am not sure that I should buy it from you. Why to choose your store?
We offer a wide range of items, highly detailed product information and illustrative media files. In addition, all our products are made of high-quality and safe materials, and we try to keep our prices as low as we can.

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Tempered Glass For iPhone 7 Edge to Edge

iPhone 7 / 8 Tempered Glass

$5.99$9.99 (-40%)

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